Moss Treatments

Clean your roof from the unpleasant sight of moss and lichen while at the same time protecting your roof from possible future damage and leaks caused by moss.

We can make your roof look new and SNAZZY again.

Also fences, brickwork, pavers, pathways, patios and tiled areas.

We treat your roof with a selection of full strength chemicals not available to the public. This treatment will kill off the growth of moss, lichen and algae. Depending on the chemical treatment you choose you can have your moss killed and being washed off your roof by rainfall in just a few weeks. Alternatively we have a slower working treatment that will not harm your roof in any way. Over the course of up to one year the moss is washed away by natural rainfall.

In addition to the above treatment Snazzy Services recommend a pressure wash as a faster and more comprehensive method of removing dead moss from your roof.

Pressure Wash

Following our chemical moss treatment as outlined above, we recommend our pressure wash to remove the dead moss and lichen. While the natural wash through rainfall takes up to one year to completely clean your roof, our pressure wash can be done within a few months following your chemical moss treatment. Our pressure wash is considerably more effective in removing all dead moss from your roof.

We recommend you carry out this treatment every 2 – 3 years, depending on the unique characteristics of shade and trees your roof is exposed to

Concluding your moss removal treatment we can then vacuum clean your spouting to completely remove all dead moss etc that has been washed off your roof and is now sitting in your gutters.

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